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ISO 14000 ecological certification

CIT EkoLogik - Consultants in Environmental Management Assisting clients in identifying environmental challenges
Ecobilan Group Assisting industry and government in decreasing environmental impacts
Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.
PE Product Engineering GmbH Products and services for environmentally sound production and pollution prev.
Sinum - Corporate Environmental Management Designing products to integrate ecological information into decision making
Spine Industrial Environmental Information Management
Umberto Software tool for life cycle assessment (LCA) and ecobalancing
Institut fnr Marktökologie GmbH Kontroll- und Zertifizierungsstelle für ökologische Landwirtschaft
Gammarus Unternehmensberatung fnr Umweltfragen
NREP National Registry of Environmental Professionals
Information for Industry UK based service for professional news, jobs, books, air quality and environmental management
Cordonna Associates, Inc. Water softeners, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, water filters, water contitioners, catalyst

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