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At Greenwaves you’re in the right place. Greenwaves enables a focused search for products, services, information and contact in global and local markets. As an international information turntable, Greenwaves continually supplies updated references to the activities of educational, research, political and business institutions, and facilitates contact between people and the exchange of ideas. - your efficient work instrument

Thanks to the unequaled data bank with 1436 selected entries from the global market, Greenwaves brings you directly to your objective:

-With well-structured topic lists, you can quickly find high-quality information about enterprises, products and services in your field of interest.
-Clearly arranged indexes with an abstract for every link permit quick and easy research.
-The topic-based multi-language function facilitates searches for resources in other languages.
-On request, you can receive personal consultation from specialists in a desired field of activity. - multi-language feature expands your horizons

Greenwaves is the first service in the internet which catalogues resources in multiple languages for field-specific topics. Once you have located your field of interest, you can switch between languages within the same field. In this way you can find resources in other languages, even if you’re not sure of the field-specific vocabulary. At present, Greenwaves versions in German and English are available, the French version is in progress. - the most current wave

All references in Greenwaves are checked weekly for their availability and topicality. The proportion of " DEAD left " (dead links :=) is below 1%, which saves you annoying waits. Our team of environmental specialists, engineers and computer specialists expands the information turntable constantly with the ongoing development of the database and services. In this ongoing development, the experiences and requirements of our users are constantly taken into account. - the service which promotes sustainablility

Greenwaves’ goal is to provide support for participants and patrons of the environmental disciplines in the form of worthwhile, high-quality information and networking opportunities in order to promote sustainable, environmentally-conscious development of business and society for the future.

Take advantage of the synergies in the environmental realm and contact us!

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